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Klubschule Migros: education for all

Klubschule Migros is the biggest provider of educational courses in Switzerland. More than 354,000 people visit courses and further education classes every year at more than 50 locations across Switzerland. The offer consists of more than 600 different courses.

“Education for all” is the guiding principle that Klubschule Migros has followed for over 75 years. Giving all parts of the society access to education was a central part of the social and cultural commitment from the beginning. Also thanks to the Migros-Kulturprozent (Migros Culture Percentage) Klubschule convinces with high quality and good value for money for all courses.

The challenge

Reacting to new market trends and developing new products based on the customer demand is one of the success factors of Klubschule Migros but internal product development cycles took several weeks or months and required quite some budget. Plus this process didn’t always involve client testing or feedback and the current website and the internal structure weren’t flexible enough to quickly update design or functional requirements.

The result

Using the new testing platform has shortened the process for validating new product ideas from months to days or weeks. In the same time it’s now easily possible to define clear revenue or lead goals within the new system.

Due to the flexibility of the new framework, further ideas like product bundles were already successfully tested and the learnings integrated in the current Klubschule website.

Plus every test generates new insights how to further improve the current SAP based IT platform and potentially saves future development costs.

The solution

22tribes helped Klubschule Migros to solve this challenge while first introducing a lean approach. This approach is focused on getting out new ideas as soon as possible and then refining them with rapid improvements. This was a change to how Klubschule Migros has approached product development in the past.

As a second step, 22tribes developed a new testing platform for the internal Klubschule teams. With this independent website it is now possible to define assumptions and validate them on the market within a few days.

Paid Online Advertising is then used to target the right audience and funnel visitors to the correct product offers, while collecting real customer feedback.


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