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The company

Our Client is a Tech and AI start-up that mainly operates in the B2B sector and supports insurance companies, banks, and other financial companies with various software solutions. Their goal is to help these companies automate their processes with technology and artificial intelligence (AI). We created the whitelabel brand Paperscanner22 for them to test a new product for a new target group without compromising their core brand. 

Client headquarter:


Countries targeted with our activities:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Languages covered:

German, English

The challenge

  • Testing a new self-service Saas solution that leverages existing enterprise software and AI
  • Identifying effective value propositions/features that attract users
  • Recognizing the users interested in the product and pinpointing the correct target audience
  • Checking whether new leads can be generated with the product and analyzing at what cost
  • Finding out how high the costs are for push and pull channels such as Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Understanding the market size and search volume online
Extended version

The client wanted to test whether a market existed and whether different target groups would be interested in the new Saas self-service solution using its existing software and AI.

Additionally, they wanted to find out if online channels could boost sales of the product and which target groups would be best suited.

Finally, the company wanted to discover if it could generate new leads and at what cost. 

The solution

  • Creating a whitelabel brand “Paperscanner22” to avoid an association between the product test and the actual company
  • In-depth keyword research to understand search volume and market potential within Google
  • Setting up sprint validation with lean testing methodologies
  • Multiple A/B tests (variations) for Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads
  • Creating and optimizing a landing page to analyze visitor behavior and better understand their needs
  • Analyzing results on product features, precise target audience and various other findings
Extended version

22tribes create a whitelabel brand to avoid any association with the client.

Then the lean startup methodology was applied to the project.

We created a weekly sprint validation setup and tested several A/B tests in online channels (Google and Facebook/Instagram Ads).

The tests were based on different keyword groups, several ad copies, various creatives, differentiating target audience and their interests plus many other factors. 

We tested both the target group of potential customers as well as their willingness to utilize the new product.

In addition, a landing page was created and optimized so that we could double-check what potential customers were doing on the page to gain more insights and collect leads.

The results were analyzed and adjustments made on a weekly basis,  and at the end of the process, all the insights were summarized.



Landing Page



The result

    • The highest search traffic and conversion was a specific technology and product feature
    • Google Ads captured email leads with a satisfactory quality
    • The targeting of the Facebook/Instagram ads worked well, but the quality of the leads was not as expected
    • The long landing page with all the technical explanations worked best because the product was new and needed to be explained
    • The target audience that worked best were tech-savvy professionals working on one specific use case
    • Further qualitative interviews with the target group that worked best were necessary and later conducted by the client to verify the results
Extended version

Thanks to the lean startup method and the sprint validation setup, we were able to identify that there was a problem for potential customers that was particularly urgent for a specific target group. 

The best performing channel was Google Ads, while Facebook/Instagram Ads were invalidated.

The long landing page with all the technical details and explanations worked best because the target group that performed best was tech-savvy and interested in the topic, but also because the product was new and needed explanation. 

However, further qualitative interviews with the newly found target audience were needed to make a final decision on whether this new product was worth the time and resources. 

The test setup and validation saved our client a lot of time and money because they did not have to talk to all potential customers and could focus on a specific niche where the pain was greatest and the willingness to pay was highest.


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