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The company

Qualifyze is a third-party provider of global auditing services for pharmaceutical companies and supplier qualification and has operated audits in more than 65 countries. The company manages a high-quality, global audit platform, housing the largest database of supplier compliance data in the world and contributing to more transparent and secure supply chains. Among their own client base, you can find manufacturers of APIs, excipients, packaging, and FDFs, but also distributors or shipping companies and software suppliers. Their main goal is to simplify the audit process with experienced pharmaceutical industry specialists.

Client headquarter:

Germany & Spain

Countries targeted with our activities:


Languages covered:

English, German

The challenge

  • The appearance of several SEO technical issues on the English and German website which had to be fixed
  • The client’s website had only very limited organic traffic, which was to be increased
  • Ensuring that all pages maintain their SEO ranking during the migration process of the redesign
  • Support during the rebranding process from both SEO and UX viewpoints
Extended version

The two main goals of Qualifyze were fixing all the technical SEO problems the website had and boosting and increasing the organic traffic and search engine ranking.

Throughout the collaboration, the client wanted to rebuild the website’s overall appearance and content through a redesign and migration process. As a result, they requested guidance on the best approach to this migration for the website in English and German from an SEO and UX point of view.

The solution

  • 360° Technical SEO Audit: Checking 180+ data points to validate if their website is built according to Google’s guidelines and beyond and giving concrete, prioritized instructions on how each issue should be fixed
  • Keyword Research: Analysis of primary, secondary, and semantic keywords in the client’s niche industry
  • Content Brief: Creation of specific SEO briefs explaining thoroughly how to structure the articles on the client’s website and which headlines, secondary keywords, and FAQ snippets should be used for optimized SEO content
  • On-page Optimisation: Validating the content quality by using correlational SEO techniques
  • Ensuring the migration process of the new pages was following SEO best practices
  • SEO Consulting on specific technical and strategic requests
Extended version

22tribes helped solve the company’s challenges by:

  • Provided comprehensive SEO support throughout a 6+ months partnership
  • Conducting two full SEO Audits by checking more than 180 data points on their site at both the beginning and at the end of the contract
  • Doing an extended SEO keyword research of more than 90 different keywords about the specific pharmaceutical industry
  • Creation of content briefs for 14 different keywords, which included several secondary keywords, a table of contents, FAQs to optimize the articles, and an estimation of the number of words that should be used
  • The client wrote articles using the provided SEO briefs, which we then reviewed both prior to and after publication to ensure compliance with on-page SEO guidelines
  • Support on UX and SEO for the customer’s rebranding to their current pages
  • Extraction of available URLs in English and German in order to make sure all pages were either migrated or proper redirects were placed
  • Creation of new SEO metadata for all the new pages
  • Feedback on the customer’s new website structure, FAQ section, and the new pages published after the migration
  • Creation of best practice documents on why and how the client should structure their pages and how they can specifically improve the request page on their website
  • Creation of an audit list for which we checked the search volume of 90+ pharmaceutical companies in order to give guidelines on what URL structure, company description, and alt text to use
  • Provided continuous feedback and consulting on specific technical SEO questions
  • Creation of an SEO dashboard for an SEO KPI improvement overview

The result

With 22tribes’ support, the company was able to achieve:

  • Significant increase in Ahrefs site health from 53 to 99 thanks to the 2 technical SEO audits conducted in March and October 2022
  • Significant SEO traffic growth  from March to December 2022
  • The number of ranking keywords increased from around 63 to 270 by around 330% due to the published SEO content which was written and optimized based on the content briefs we provided after creating a niche keyword research for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Due to the increased amount of ranking keywords, the SEO impressions went up by more than 80% since the inception of our SEO collaboration
  • During our activities, a close competitor lost significant amounts of organic traffic
Extended version

We provided comprehensive SEO support throughout our collaboration and were able to achieve several notable results from a SEO standpoint: 

Thanks to two full SEO audits, continuous consulting, and explanations on how to examine the fixes during bi-weekly meetings, the client increased their Ahrefs site health from 53 to 99. 

They also grew the number of ranking keywords, and both SEO traffic and impressions significantly increased due to the research of 90+ industry-specific keywords and the creation of several SEO content briefs which included on-page recommendations such as secondary keywords, content outline, and FAQs. 

In total, the client could achieve a significant increase in SEO traffic and the number of organic ranking keywords went from 63 to almost 270 by around 330%. Also, the SEO impressions grew by more than 80% and further growth of it was very likely during several more weeks after the collaboration.

In addition, the client will have several best practice guides we created available on how to improve their request page and suggestions of how and why they should use a shorter page on their website.

“22tribes was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. They provided not only valuable feedback and strategic advice around our SEO, UX, and content needs. Their guidance and support felt like an extended part of our (very modest) marketing team, and they did everything they could to ensure our success.”

Demi Pradolin

Brand and Content Marketing Manager, Qualifyze


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