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The company

Our client is an international market-oriented laboratory that has expertise in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of dermo-cosmetic products. The aim of this company is to meet all the needs of doctors, patients, and pharmacists by offering a range of topical products for hair, nails, and skin. For them, our work was focused on a product to prevent hair loss specifically for women. 

    Client headquarter:


    Countries targeted with our activities:

    Spain, Mexico

    Languages covered:


    The challenge

    • Entering the market successfully with this new product against hair loss in Spain and Mexico
    • Understanding what and how women search regarding hair loss on digital channels and the trends search behavior
    • Identifying the most appropriate words to address Spanish and Mexican women regarding hair loss
    • Researching the specific audience on digital channels
    • Examining what the main competitors are doing in Spain and Mexico 
    • Inspecting consumer behavior differences and wording trends between Spanish and Mexican women
    • Finding out the most powerful statements for marketing for this specific target group
    • Determining the product name and format that best suits the target group
    • Defining the price that users are willing to pay for the product
    Extended version

    Our client was unsure how to approach the market entry with the specific product against hair loss.

    They lacked a specific market orientation for Spain and Mexico, which are very different in terms of consumer behavior and search trends when looking for a solution to the problem.

    The goal was to design a complete marketing funnel for the client by identifying the target audience and analyzing the competitors and consumer behavior in both markets.

    That was followed by experimentation to discover powerful statements, finding a name and format for the product, and using appropriate keywords to reach the target audience.

    The client was looking for a combination of all those factors with the highest customer conversion rate. 

    The solution

    Sprint validation of their new product by:

    • Creating an anonymous white label brand named “PeloMujer” to avoid any connection with the client
    • Researching the product and market trends with several tools
    • Analyzing trends in different keywords to filter out the best ones
    • Investigating how Spanish and Mexican women’s behavior towards hair loss differs
    • Identifying their main concerns
    • Reviewing competitors’s landing pages and giving our client feedback of user experience 
    • A/B testing to check which claimsname for the product and packaging/price were most suitable for the specific audience
    • Optimizing for the best audience in online marketing channels
    • Creating and optimizing a landing page to analyze user’s behavior and understand their needs
    • Testing the willingness to buy the product on the market
    • Evaluating the sales funnel in detail by looking into the users behavior their experience
      Extended version

      22tribes created a whitelabel brand called “PeloMujer” to explore the hair loss market in Spain and Mexico, avoiding any association with the customer.

      The first step of the project was to conduct market research for both countries.

      This included looking at trends for different keywords to filter out the best ones, exploring how Spanish and Mexican women face their loss, and identifying their main concerns.

      Then, check what the competitors were doing on their landing pages, in order to transfer these findings to the landing page of the client.

      In addition, we identified the best target audience on digital channels (Facebook and Instagram Ads) and conducted several A/B tests to find out which claims work best, what name and packaging the product should have, and finally, tested what price women are willing to pay for the product. 

      Landing Page


      Example of an Ad




      The result

      With 22tribes’ support, the company has:

      • Identified the search trends for hair loss in Spain and Mexico 

      • Recognized the main competitors in Spain and Mexico 
      • Understood the features that should be added on the landing page
      • Targeted the most appropriate audience on digital channels
      • Selected the name of the product 
      • Chosen the packaging and price 
      • Reached more than 80,000+ people
      • Increased the number of visitors on the website by 2,800+ 
      • Seen a rise in the number of comments and interactions between users and ads
      • Achieved an outlook for a positive ROI scenario

      Extended version

      Thanks to the Lean Startup methodology and the Sprint Validation setup, we were able to identify the trends against hair loss in Spain and Mexico among women in digital channels.

      We can now better identify the main features that need to be added to the landing page so that visitors see all the information they need before buying the product.

      Then, thanks to several A/B tests, we found out which claims are best for the product and which product name the customer should use.

      Finally, we were able to determine that Spanish women prefer a simple package and showed a much higher willingness to purchase the low price product rather than the premium product with a higher price.  

      In summary, we can conclude that the product we have reviewed and tested can achieve a positive return on investment, thus providing future profits for the company.


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