Data-driven, Hypothesis-based, Performance-oriented.
Growth Marketing & Innovation Consulting
based on Rapid Experiment Sprints.
Data-driven, Hypothesis-based, performance-oriented.
Growth Marketing & Innovation Consulting based on Rapid Experiment Sprints.


Search Engine Optimization

OnPage & OffPage

Ranking Optimization




Paid Marketing

Google Ads (Search, Display, YouTube)

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon Ads +5 other traffic channels

Remarketing Funnels

Lead & Sales Funnels



Lean Startup Methodology
New Product Validation
Experiment Framework
Rapid Experiment Sprints
Tester Recruitment
Go To Market Testing

Data and Analytics

Data Analysis & Data Deep Dives

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Data Visualization with Dashboards

Conversion Rate Optimization

Mentoring, Training & Consulting

Innovation, Lean Startup, Agile, Product Validation

Rapid Experimentation

Customer Interviews

Keynotes, Workshops, Mentoring

3 Month validation sprint

Design & Development

Ad Creatives, Banners, E-Books

Landing Page Design

Graphic & Logo Design

Web Design & Web


Social Media Management







Chinese Paid Search Marketing

PPC Campaigns for Baidu,, Sogou, Bing, Shenma Ads

Set up Baidu Advertising Account

Chinese SEO and Keyword Research


Email Marketing

Funnel Automation


Lead Magnets & Qualification

LinkedIn Growth & Automation

We are 22tribes.

22tribes is a boutique digital marketing agency and innovation consultancy highly specialised in business growth solutions and critical insights.

We pick our clients. And we pick few. So we can focus on you. 

We are a team made of growth experts and digital nomads that have traveled the world. From Silicon Valley, to Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, we have used our customer-driven approach and our can-do attitude to learn from the best. We are extremely performance- and data-driven. Our results are achieved through hypothesis, experiments and data. No subjective or untested opinion. 

We help ambitious leaders and teams from established organisations as well as startups to succeed in new venture endeavours even in high uncertainty environments by reducing risks and so saving costs in the process.  We have designed a proven system that breaks complex projects down into low-risk, low-cost, rapid experiment sprints. This enables teams to make fast progress while accelerating learning and de-risking projects.

Our clients include established organisations and tech startups that need support identifying new business opportunities. Through first-class tools, advanced methodologies and crafted frameworks, we have developed fine tuned processes that will help you to accelerate development times for new products and increase the collection of business critical insights.

It’s not about the idea – but the execution. By implementing ongoing data-based improvements and incorporating a culture of self-responsibility, our team of experienced specialists has the resources to support you with an innovation strategy, but also enable your business to quickly implement marketing campaigns.  As a result, your business performance can reach new heights.

We are experts in rapid prototyping and validating business assumptions for B2B and B2C. Through Rapid Experiment Frameworks, we can set up A/B tests, experiments and campaigns and can test 100 assumptions in 100 days.

Through our business model innovation strategies, new revenue opportunities are untapped, while optimising the core and existing sales funnel that will ultimately lead to an ideal conversion and product-market-fit.


“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb



“Solving complex technical problems to make the life of our clients and their clients easier.”


Hannes (CTO)

„Assumption-driven experiments really make the most out of online marketing and performance optimization. No need to talk about vanity metrics anymore.”


Julia (Digital Marketing)




“Graphic Design is art with purpose. It not only makes everything look beautiful, but it solves problems by organizing information in a visual way, so that the message is clear for the audience. The visuals are the first impression you have, make sure it’s a good one.” 


Tiffany (Graphic Design)

We help businesses to innovate, grow their customer base and adapt an entrepreneurial mindset.

Case Studies

Klubschule Migros

  • Lean approach
  • Cross-selling testing
  • Valuable customer insights
  • Requirements for new IT platform found
  • Save money and time + generate revenue

Validating new product ideas with our existing IT platform took us several weeks or months and required the involvement of diverse stakeholder groups. 22tribes helped us to develop an online testing platform where every team can validate new product ideas with real customers within a few days.



More Case Studies coming soon

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