Case Study

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The company

This case study is about an American client, a company with international-wide activities. Our client builds and produces automated test equipment and softwares for virtual instrumentation. Common applications include data acquisition, instrument control, and machine vision.  

Client headquarter:


Countries targeted with our activities:

USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, China and others

Languages covered:

English, German, French, Chinese

The challenge

  • Lack of a global industry and weak brand awareness in markets outside the U.S  
  • Paid advertising traffic was extremely low and e-commerce sales were limited 
  • Ads were not translated into local languages, only English
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Extended version

The company lacked brand awareness outside the U.S. market. 

To achieve this awareness, a global campaign strategy was needed. 

However, the Google Ads account structure was outdated and not optimized for running global ads. 

An ad translation and updated account structure were required to successfully launch global ad campaigns. 

The solution

  • Restructuring of the Google Ads account
  • Optimizing new ad types through machine learning
  • Cultural localization and translation of ads 
  • Running ads around the world across several search engines like Sogou, 360 and Baidu
Extended version

22tribes helped Klubschule Migros to solve this challenge while first introducing a lean approach. This approach is focused on getting out new ideas as soon as possible and then refining them with rapid improvements. This was a change to how Klubschule Migros has approached product development in the past.

As a second step, 22tribes developed a new testing platform for the internal Klubschule teams. With this independent website it is now possible to define assumptions and validate them on the market within a few days.

Paid Online Advertising is then used to target the right audience and funnel visitors to the correct product offers, while collecting real customer feedback.

Extended version

22tribes helped solve the company’s challenges by restructuring the company’s Google Ads account with several new subaccounts to reflect the different markets and products. 

Ad copies were curated and went through a sequence of A/B testing and machine learning in order to validate which ones performed best within different markets.

Moreover, market research was conducted in order to help guide the localization of the campaigns around the world. 

The result

With 22tribes’ support, the company was able to achieve:

    • A massive increase in the e-commerce sales
    • Over 65% increase in conversion rate
    • Over 30% increase in paid website traffic and transforming paid search into the best performing channel
    • Immense increase of brand awareness in 8 different countries
    • Over $4,800,000 advertising budget spent with positive ROI over 21 months
Extended version

Using the new testing platform has shortened the process for validating new product ideas from months to days or weeks. In the same time it’s now easily possible to define clear revenue or lead goals within the new system.

Due to the flexibility of the new framework, further ideas like product bundles were already successfully tested and the learnings integrated in the current Klubschule website.

Plus every test generates new insights how to further improve the current SAP based IT platform and potentially saves future development costs.

Extended version

With the implementation of a new Google Ads account structure that supported a global ad campaign strategy and the setup of the other search engines, the company was able to increase its brand awareness immensely in the 8 different countries they were targeting.

Furthermore, machine learning was able to capture data from different markets on which ad copies performed best in order to optimize localized campaigns.

With 22tribes’ efforts, the company was able to achieve a massive increase in e-commerce sales and the conversion rate grew by over 65%. An additional result portrayed a 30% growth in paid website traffic.

Together that resulted in paid search becoming the best performing channel.

These results were accomplished through the spending of an advertising budget of over $4,800,000 with a positive ROI during a time period of 21 months. 


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